Eleazar Ruiz
Eleazar Ruiz. Graphic Designer Based in Vancouver, WA.

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I’d be thrilled to be work with you on your next project. My priority is to create a brand identity that achieves your strategic goals, while at the same time communicating what makes your brand unique, special, and different.

Your answers to the following questions will help me estimate the size, scope, and nature of your brand, as well as help you think through what it is exactly you would like to create.

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Would you like a document that outlines brand guidelines to help you and your team make good visual and consistent decisions regarding your new brand? *
Logo design can be a costly investment. After designing a countless amount of logos I have learned that a good logo is not enough. The application of that logo is just as important as having a good logo. Brand guidelines are a type of insurance that helps your organization make sure that the investment you have made in a new logo will actually pay off when is executed. No matter how great your new logo is, if applied incorrectly or inconsistently, your nice logo will cause no great impression upon your audience. I highly recommend getting some guidelines in place.
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The wording placed here will be used for your logo. Note: please make sure you own the domain.
For example: Nike's tagline is 'Just Do it', Apple's is 'Think Different'. Makes sense?
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