Eleazar Ruiz
Eleazar Ruiz. Graphic Designer Based in Seattle, WA.


4 Ways to Discover Who You Are as an Artist

I don't know about you, but I have spent the majority of my design career trying to speak like other designers speak, conduct business how others conduct business, blog how others blog, create the same type of work that others create, and flow with the design trends. Lately, I have been asking myself, "Do people know me for who I really am? Or do they only see who I'm pretending to be?" The honest answer was a difficult self-realization.

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Design Pricing for Non-Profit Clients

Most of my design background is in working with non-profits organizations. Today I work for a for-profit organization but I still take on a lot of freelance projects, 50% of which generally comes from non-profits.

Due to non-profits' typically limited resources, it is critical to learn an appropriate rate for your services to them. Obviously, the amount of resources varies depending on the non-profit.

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My 5 Dumbest Freelancing Mistakes

Live and learn, right? In the last couple of years I have tried and failed, tried and succeeded, then tried again. Some things can't be taught by books. We are dealing with people here which means total unpredictability. This sometimes means we find ourselves in awkward, annoying, and humbling situations. I hope you benefit from a few of my experiences. 

Here are five or my dumbest mistakes.

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Tools I Use Weekly

A few fellow designers have recently asked me about some of the tools and resources that I use on weekly basis. I use different tools and processes to satisfy each need. Anything from brainstorming, wireframing, illustrating, prototyping, project management, file management, and storage--the list goes on and on.

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Freelancing Saves the Day

Last fall, I was told that in two months I was going to lose my job. Along with my job, I'd also be losing financial security which left me in fear, confusion and disorientation. 

Thankfully I had two months to figure out what was next, send applications, research, plan, etc. After two months of interviews and applications I wasn't able to land anything promising. As my lay off date came closer,

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What's on My Bookshelf?

In 2009, I started to have lots of interest in this thing we call graphic design. At the time I wasn't able to afford schooling and to this day I'm very thankful for that (not having student loans is nice). Even though I value education I believe we live in an era where fortunately knowledge, training and resources are easily accessible.

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